Happy Thanksgiving from our tiny home on wheels
We are grateful once again to be celebrating Thanksgiving Day with our fellow Escapee RVers at SKP Timber Valley RV Park in southern Oregon. We will be watching the Macy's Parade and football games on the big screen TV in the Clubhouse and then joining with our neigh
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RVers on the move this Thanksgiving holiday
Drivers will be paying the highest Thanksgiving gas prices since 2014 with pump prices about 40-cents a gallon more expensive than last year, according to AAA. The average retail price for regular unleaded gasoline is around $2.54 a gallon. That said, AAA estimates this
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Full-time RVers Betty and Lance Wilson remember Thanksgiving holiday in Mexico
From group campouts in Georgia, to wearing shorts and sandals in the southwest desert, to traditional turkey dinners on the Baja in Mexico, people who use their recreation vehicles (RVs) during the holidays often create lasting memories. While they may not add up to
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Happy Thanksgiving 2013 from the Texas Hill Country
Thanksgiving is right up there as my favorite holiday. As a child I had always loved the Macy's Thankgiving Day Parade and as an adult the family gatherings with turkey and trimmings were never stressful for me because I was never responsible for the success of the din
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Thanksgiving RV trip to Florida 'Ali family style'
Each Thanksgiving holiday, thousands of families  select to travel by recreation vehicle, including the Ali family from New York City. In her article posted on Pathos: Hosting the Conversation on Faith, writer Dilshad Ali talks about the challenges of taking a famil
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Full-time RVers Thom and Dar Hoch's 2011 Thanksgiving memory at Quartzsite
Full-time RVers Thom and Dar Hoch (Blog: RV Sabbatical Journal) remember their 2011 Thanksgiving that included sharing a simple meal with cowboy author Brian Gore. "Last year we were in Quartzsite for Thanksgiving, out off Plomosa Road," writes Thom Hoch. "We whipped
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Thanksgiving RV camping tradition on Lake Seminole where Georgia meets Florida
The past two Thanksgiving holidays for Clinton and Ann Robinson (right) of Grand Ridge Fla., have been week-long campouts with extended family and friends at the U. S. Corps of Engineers’ Eastbank Campground on Lake Seminole in Georgia on the border with Florida
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Favorite RV Holiday memories--here is Chuck Woodbury's, what's yours?
In the Nov. 17, 2012,  RV Travel Newsletter, editor Chuck Woodbury recounts a Thanksgiving 23 years ago when he and his future wife spent the holiday with his parents camping at Cattail Cove State Park, along the shores of Lake Havasu in Arizona. His parents had org
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Happy Thanksgiving 2011 from our home on the road
This time last year (2010) we were camped next to Lake Seminole on the border between Georgia and Florida camping in Corps of Engineers' Eastbank Campground where the designated cook, Jimmy Smith, spent most of the day roasting a hen in his treasured Dutch oven. In
Quiet Thanksgiving Day 2010 on Lake Seminole
This time last year we were in Big Bend National Park and shared a Thanksgiving Dinner with a couple from Maine. Jimmy made 'beer can' chicken over the BBQ. This year at the Corps of Engineers Eastlake Campground he is baking a roasting hen in his treasured Dutch ove
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