Full-time RVers Thom and Dar Hoch’s 2011 Thanksgiving memory at Quartzsite


Full-time RVers Thom and Dar Hoch (Blog: RV Sabbatical Journal) remember their 2011 Thanksgiving that included sharing a simple meal with cowboy author Brian Gore.

“Last year we were in Quartzsite for Thanksgiving, out off Plomosa Road,” writes Thom Hoch. “We whipped up a more or less traditional dinner — small sliced ham, potato rolls, green bean casserole, cranberries, hobo veggies, and pun’kin pie … a small feast in the desert.”

“We invited our neighbor Brian Gore over for the mid-afternoon Thanksgiving Day ‘lunner’ … a cross between lunch and dinner … and then sat around the campfire telling stories and solving world problems.”

“Had a great time.”

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Photos: Author Brian Gore and Dar Hoch talking Thanksgiving Day away. (Photos by Thom Hoch)

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