How to prep your kitty for life on the road
It goes without saying that dogs are the most common of all RVing animals. More than 90 percent of all RVers who take their pet companion along for the ride, are taking along Fido, according to a Recreation Vehicle Industry Association survey. However, cats travel to
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Chance to meet Airstream fan Miranda Lambert
"Travel and community are at the heart of Airstream life," according to a recent Airstream media release. Airstream, Live Nation and Caravan Outpost are offering a chance to hit the road and meet fellow Airstream fan Miranda Lambert, a two-time Grammy winner and rei
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AirScream ... Classic scary campfire stories
Halloween camping is the perfect time for telling a few spooky campfire stories.  Airstream has come out with five "Do Not Read Alone!" scary tales. "Ghoulishly woven webs of terror that make your hair stand on end and your blood run cold belong, like a hairy, f
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Airstream International Serenity, part 4 -- Smooth towing, snap to park
The Airstream's lightweight aerodynamic construction results in "easier towing than a traditional box trailer," reports Oregon RVer Carl Tipton, "whether I'm traveling up or down mountains, or maneuvering through a campground." Airstream has designed a number of smal
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Airstream International Serenity, part 3 -- Panoramic windows = sweeping views
When parked, the Airstream International Serenity's panoramic windows allow for sweeping scenic views, bringing the surrounding beauty inside. "The light is the first thing I notice when I step into my rig," says owner Carl Tipton. "Light just pours in through the wi
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Airstream International Serenity, part 2 -- 'Top of the line' and made in America
While contemporary Airstreams might not stand up to the riggers of founder Wally Byam's 18,000-mile overland trek from 'Cape Town to Cairo' in 1959, the legendary semi-monocoque aluminum trailers are still known for their handcrafted quality construction. "Airstream
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Airstream International Serenity, part 1 -- Sleek
The most recognized Recreation Vehicle on the road today is the iconic streamlined, aerodynamic aluminum Airstream. With its unique metallic exterior, Airstream has been called the Silver Bullet, Toaster-on-Wheels, and the Rolls-Royce of travel trailers. "I call this
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A romance with 'Little Big Trailers'
Kristopher Bunker profiles ten nifty small tow-behind recreation vehicles on Sometimes, a smaller, easy-to-maneuver trailer is all that’s needed to enjoy your favorite outdoor recreation, writes Bunker. "We've selected a number of outside-the-bo
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'Flippin' RVs' buffs out a classic '62 Airstream Bambi, more
The 'Flippin' RVs' program airs on Great American Country (GAC) channel. In one episode, Anna and Justin Scribner from Flyte Camp Vintage Trailer Restorations updated a tiny 1962 Airstream Bambi into an awesome living space for traveling. Tune in on Wednesdays, a
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Tim Shephard's 'Restoring a Dream' Part 3 -- The Four Steps
The four steps of restoring a vintage RV are: "Choosing, Inspecting, Recovering, Restoring," according to Tim Shephard, author of the how-to/memoir "Restoring a Dream: My Journey Restoring a Vintage Airstream"  and creator of the highly-rated The Vintage Airstream
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