How to prep your kitty for life on the road


It goes without saying that dogs are the most common of all RVing animals. More than 90 percent of all RVers who take their pet companion along for the ride, are taking along Fido, according to a Recreation Vehicle Industry Association survey.

However, cats travel too.

About 14 percent of RVers say they won’t leave home without their feline friends.

Recently by clicking on a Pinterest link, I found a blog posting with a fresh approach to traveling with cats. In addition to the traditional advice, using a frank and informative approach, it covers insights into how to prepare your potential feline RV travelers before taking off cross country.

The blog, Local, is the project of Esther and Jacob, two millennials who have worked out an amazing way to live and expand their horizons. “We are ATLiens who explore a new city every year,” and are currently in NYC.

In this article, the reader is introduced to Mika and Sebastian who are both “clearly indoor or city cats. While Mika enjoys outdoor walks on concrete, he gets weirded out by grass, dirt, or any other unfamiliar surface.

“Even though they didn’t become the catventurers we were hoping for, we’re really happy that overall they have adjusted well to RV life. There were, however, some interesting lessons we learned on the way, and today we’re sharing our tips to help your cat(s) adjust to life on the road.”

Read the complete article — “Traveling with cats – How to prep them for life on the road’ — by clicking here.

For part of a series I wrote on RVing with pets, click here for an item on traveling with kitties.

Julianne G. Crane

Photos:  Esther and Jacob with their feline companions Mika and Sebastian. (Source:

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