AirScream … Classic scary campfire stories


Halloween camping is the perfect time for telling a few spooky campfire stories.  Airstream has come out with five “Do Not Read Alone!” scary tales.

“Ghoulishly woven webs of terror that make your hair stand on end and your blood run cold belong, like a hairy, fanged creature that roams the night, out in the wild. Not cooped up on some website. Which is why we offer to you our ten favorite places in the wild to tell this
year’s fear-laden fables,” states the goblins at Airstream.

“It’s our ten favorite national parks, giving you a little history on each one as well as things to see and do should you decide to visit.”

Click here for the free AirScream Spooky Tales and National Park Guide.

Julianne G. Crane

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