Airstream International Serenity, part 3 — Panoramic windows = sweeping views


When parked, the Airstream International Serenity‘s panoramic windows allow for sweeping scenic views, bringing the surrounding beauty inside.

“The light is the first thing I notice when I step into my rig,” says owner Carl Tipton. “Light just pours in through the windows and reflects off all the polished surfaces including the interior aluminum walls and ceiling.”

With 17 windows and skylights, “when I’m sitting at my dinette having coffee it’s like I’m outside-but without the bugs,” he says. The International Serenity’s interior styling features a minimalist, modern design.

“It’s a perfect man’s rig,” says the bachelor. “There are no carpets, drapes or frilly accessories, only nice clean lines. It is very easy to maintain. All I have to do is wipe down the counter and mop the floor.”

The pale shade of “Asian Sand” cabinets and interior walls are contrasted with pops of rich burnt orange “Salsa” tones in the dinette and lounge seating, and decorative throw pillows.

“Heck,” jokes Tipton. “The faucets are better than in most homes.” Other attention to detail elements include Corian galley tops, roomy under bed storage, and a nifty retractable clothes line in the shower.

Tipton opted for the front-bedroom floorplan because the footprint of most primitive campsites requires that RVs back into the sites, usually resulting in the best views being out the rear of the trailer. Having the living area with its large windows in the back of the trailer allows for sweeping views of the lake, river or mountains. For comfortable sleeping, the Serenity bedroom is equipped with a pillow pop memory foam mattress and blackout shades for a more relaxing, private environment.

The final installment of this 4-part series talks about the International Serenity’s smooth towing and ease of parking.

Click here to read the previous installments of this series.

Julianne G. Crane

Photo: The Airstream International Serenity offers three interior decors including Carl Tipton’s choice of Asian Sand with Salsa Ultraleather seating. (Courtesy of Airstream)

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