Hiking Zion National Park’s Emerald Pools Trails


Zion National Park’s series of three Upper, Middle and Lower Emerald Pools Trails combine for a loop hike of approximately 2.6 miles.

Along the way visitors will experience not only the most dazzling panoramas of this section of the Zion Canyon, but also natural pools formed by waterfalls. (The waterfalls today were not quite as spectacular as those pictured here–but still magnificent.)

The difficulty of the hike goes from easy (Lower Trail) to moderate (Middle Trail) to a little more of a vertical climb (Upper Trail).

The Emerald Pools Trail system was completed in 1925 and named due to the green tint the algae gives the three pools, according to Zion National Park.com

Julianne G. Crane

Image: Bo Beck/Zion National Park.com

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  • Tom:
    Angles Landing is a little too much of a strenuous hike for me. An elevation gain of 1,488 feet with long drop-offs, narrow ridges and an estimated 4-hour round trip made me pause. Indeed it is supposed to be one of the best views in the canyon.

  • Hi Julianne, be sure to consider Angel’s Landing if the weather is decent. There are some magnificent views of pretty much the whole valley from out on the point. Zion was one of my favorite places when we lived in Lost Wages, my envy level is rising rapidly. Enjoy yourself!
    Tom Hargreaves

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