Visiting RV friends in Susanville, Calif.= pavement camping, helping with moving chores, Lassen Ale


JimmySmith-KevinJustis-burnpile-JulianneGCraneA favorite highway of RVers traveling the ‘alternative’ route to and from Arizona and the Pacific Northwest or Canada, is US 395.  In northeast California the route passes near Susanville, a small historic town nestled in a mountain valley at 4,400-feet.

Jimmy and I traveled that way recently to visit RVing friends Kevin and Jane Justis and help with a few household moving chores as they begin their downsizing. While there we caught up on their (RVing) lives and took in a few of the local sights.

PavementCamping-Susanville-KevinJanieJustisSusanville is a perfect place for RVers to stop for a few hours to take in the local historic railroad depot or pull over for the night and enjoy a Lassen Ale draft at the local brew pub–Pioneer Saloon, “the oldest operating business in northeast California.”

I wrote about a few places of interest in Susanville for a post on RV Short Stops, (click here). Also for places to park your rig, check out RV Park Reviews. 

– Julianne G. Crane

Photos: (Top) Kevin Justis (left) and Jimmy Smith tending a burning pile. (Bottom) Pavement camping in our truck and Northern Lite camper. (Julianne G. Crane)

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