RV sales up in August


“RV wholesale shipments jumped 16% in August from July to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 209,800, the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association reports Tuesday,” writes Paul Davidson in USA Today.

“Sales of motor homes and travel trailers are seen by some economists as a leading indicator of the economy’s health, because they’re among the largest discretionary purchases a consumer can make.”

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Photo: Recreational vehicle manufacturers are gearing up for a rebound as RV wholesale shipments grow. Al Grillo/AP.

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  • I believe the reason RV sales are going up is that people fear they will be losing their homes and they don’t want to live on the street. If I could afford one, I’d buy one today as each month, I think it’s my last with a roof over my head. The banks have destroyed my credit even though I was always on time and with them for years. Offering you a choice of 30% or closing it, what do you do? My rating was high 600’s before, I’m afraid to look at it now and I have good mind to stiff them since they already demolished my standings.


    Another reason RV sales may be up is fear of the year 2010, this, some say, is the “real” year of the Apocalypse and with everything that’s been going on in the world, there’s good reason to believe it. Have a great day….

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