‘The Russians are RVing’


Found an interesting read in The Moscow (Russia) Times about the growing recreation vehicle (RV) industry in Russia.

It seems that three years ago Russian Yury Yelashkin became “smitten with vacationing on the road” in Europe and the USA. He “decided to bring his new found passion to Russia, founding one of the country’s first specialist caravan and recreational vehicle dealerships,” according to an article by Roland Oliphant.

“Since then he has sold ‘about 150 vehicles,’ and said he is seeing sales grow each year.”

“Yelashkin said he sells more budget models, starting from 2.3 million rubles ($73,800), than anything else, but offers luxury vehicles with prices of up to 11 million rubles.” [Depending on the exchange rate roughly about $335,600 US]

Because RV prices in Russia are a little spendy, the target group in Russia is different than in the United States.

“If in Europe and North America typical customers are pensioners, here [Russia] it is the new middle class — people in their 30s or 40s, usually looking for something they can do with the family,” Yelashkin said.

Read the full article by clicking on “Entrepreneur Brings Holidays on Wheels to Russia,” written by Roland Oliphant.

Photo: Yuri Yelashkin’s mobile home at the camper-van lot in Sokolniki park. (Roland Oliphant / Moscow Times).

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