GOOD PEOPLE: Laurie and Odel … ‘on the road since April Fool’s Day 2003’


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It’s always fun reading about people who don’t take themselves seriously and are living their dream.

Odel King and Laurie Brown are such a couple.

Their blog, “Semi-true Tales of Our Life on the Road,” is part travel log, part memoir. It includes clever insights about their journey, punctuated with incredibly beautiful scenic photography.

In two informative entries, Laurie, the chief scribe, writes about their decision making process when it came to purchasing their full-time home-on-wheels. She lists the key points on why they went with a motorhome and toad versus a truck and trailer/5th wheel.

The Rig: ‘Scoopy’ (their 2002 Travel Supreme class A diesel pusher) is seen here with ‘Jules 2’ (2001 Jeep Cherokee) and feline companion, ‘Luna’ (“Queen of all she surveys”).

Laurie and Odel keep another blog, “We Called it Home” featuring “opinionated” reviews of the campgrounds they have visited over their six years of full-timing.

Compelling reason to keep RVing:  “Of the many reasons we enjoy this lifestyle,” writes Laurie in an e-mail, “freedom is probably the most compelling — freedom to move on, freedom to explore new places and return to favorite ‘old’ places, freedom to stay longer or leave sooner, freedom to socialize or hibernate, and freedom from maintaining and supporting the ‘stuff’ and the obligations usually accumulated when living a stationary life.

“It is a life filled with possibilities and potential, a big step away from routine and towards serendipity … with all the comforts of home along for the ride,” she says.

Waging Peace: The couple supports a non-profit group called Kiva, “the world’s first person-to-person micro-lending website, empowering individuals to lend directly to unique entrepreneurs around the globe.” Kiva’s “mission is to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty,” according to its Web site.

“For Odel and me,” writes Laurie,” as full-time RV’ers, the Kiva website is an inspiring way to participate in a larger community effort for positive change – without the need to be anchored in a physical community. I see it as a direct opportunity to wage PEACE, and I am most grateful.”

Read about Odel and Laurie’s experiences with Kiva.

Photos: Odel King and Laurie Brown; their home on wheels; and boats on Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Montana. Courtesy of

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