‘Solo’ woman continues her RVing adventure


janetgroeneTravel writer and longtime RVer Janet Groene blogs frequently on Solo Woman RV.

Groene full-timed with her husband for 10, “happily homeless years.”

“The couple sailed the tropics in winter in their 29-foot sloop and took their agile, economical, 21-foot, diesel RV to cooler climes each summer. Although they still enjoy the RV, Janet’s profession as a full-time travel writer sees her traveling solo more often now that Gordon’s health keeps him closer to home,” states Janet on her blog site.

Janet’s 25-plus books include Living Aboard Your RV, Cooking Aboard Your RV and Great Eastern RV Trips.

Julianne G. Crane

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  • Hello Janet;

    I have been reading your writings with much enjoyment and I agree so much about them especially about the Skype, I have a paid account that gives me my own phone number that I have forewarded to my cell phone for when I am offline or away. Heck it cost less for a year on skype then it does for just a month on ma bell.

    I also agree that I was inclined to stay close to the family of breeders that kept coming to me everytime they felt insecure and needed to move back home. Oh sorry children, you’ll have to tough it out yourself this time, there is no room in here for the eleven of you to move back home.

    I discovered the internet and skype a few years ago and keep in touch with my best friends and my brother in Indiana as well as my son in Texas. For me though, Yahoo messenger has been my primary source of communication.

    The Cencus was real funny and while I was anxious to be counted, I found most of the people in the houses around me thought it was an invasion of their privacy so they hid from the census workers, so as far as I am concerned the cencus is full of errors.

    When it comes to the lawncare, I am so relieved that it is no longer me pushing that vibrator, but why must the RV park crew start so darn early in the morning?

    I am currently in a RV park just outside of Daytona Beach Florida and right next to a wildlife management area, it is so quiet and peaceful here in the off season but I am sure when the bikers and racers get here all that will change for a short time. This is a great way to meet new and interesting people, but sadly, by the time you make friends, one of you is moving down the road.

    Nice throwing words at you,
    Keep up the nice writing,

    Keet Hensley

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