RVing the Maritimes with Kevin & Janie Justis, part 6: Prince Edward Island, Canada


This is the 6th installment of Kevin and Janie Justis‘ ‘Summer of 2017’s Grand RVing Tour of Canada’s Maritime Provinces.’

Pictured above is a fishing pier (with living units in the multi-colored building) on Prince Edward Island (PEI), in eastern Canada.

“It is not very far from the Ann of Green Gables area in the middle of the island on the north shore,” writes Kevin Justis of Rio Rico, Az. “This area is very touristy and not one that excited us much. There were plenty of quiet backroads to explore without getting too close to the Cavendish, the heart of the tourist activity.

“I think we saw more fishing boats out of the water sitting in driveways which I think might be a commentary on the health of the fishing industry here.

“The western part of the island is pretty quiet with not a lot going on. We did a bike ride there on some of the quiet roads. There is a packed gravel rails-to-trails path that goes from one end of island to the next called the Confederation Trail. Our tandem bicycle is not really set up for that kind of surface so we have not ridden it.

“The Gaspe had a wild feel to it, PEI is very pastoral with lots and lots of potato fields. As an old man, one of the other things I loved about the Gaspe was the many pull off spots with bathrooms and usually a photo op. Also very convenient for us with a truck and trailer.

“We were on the island a week and stayed in three different campsites that all had a blue collar feel to them, not a lot of big fancy rigs.  You do not see that many folks from USA.

“There were some micro brews on the island, our favorite being down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere called the Moth Micro Brew. Their logo was ‘drawn to the grain, like a moth to the flame.’

“Next we head to the east side of the island for a few days before catching a ferry to Nova Scotia. The bridge over to PEI is free going in but a good size toll going back. The ferry will cost us about $100, the charge by the length of your outfit assuming it is not also real tall.

Photo: Fishing village, Prince Edward Island, Canada  (Kevin Justis).

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