RVers benefit knowing Best (& Worst) Driver-Friendly States


Oregon, according to WalletHub.com, is the overall most ‘driver friendly’ state in the USA. The personal finance website consider such diverse elements as road quality, traffic congestion, the likelihood of colliding with a deer, and average gas prices.

Oregon Coast Hwy. 101 (Julianne G. Crane)

Before heading out on any RV journey, as navigator, I always double check the weather forecasts and road conditions. This report adds valuable up-to-date information for any RVer.

WalletHub.com compared the 50 states across 30 key metrics in four key dimensions: 1) Cost of Ownership and Maintenance; 2) Traffic and Infrastructure; 3) Safety; and 4) Access to Vehicles and Maintenance.

LA traffic jam (JiffyLube)

Best States for Driving:
1. Oregon
2. Illinois
3. Indiana
4. Iowa
5. Texas

Worst States for Driving
46. New Hampshire
47. California
48. Washington
49. Alaska
50. Hawaii

“U.S. traffic congestion costs the average driver more than $1,400 per year,” reports financial writer Adam McCann in the post. No surprise, Los Angeles ranks #1 city in traffic congestion.

To read the full report and see where your state ranks, click on:    ‘Best and Worst States to Drive In

— Julianne G. Crane


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