Great Backyard (campsite) Bird Count coming Fri., Sat., and Sun. — Feb. 18-20


Roseate Spoonbill (JulianneCrane)After reading an item by RVer Bob Difley on “Bird Watching on the RV Road,” about the Great Backyard Bird Count, I dug out my Sibley Guide to Birds.

Coming Feb. 18-20, 2011, is a “citizen science project” of the National Audubon Society and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, with Canadian partner Bird Studies Canada.

Everyone can participation.  It is free and open to birdwatchers of all ages and skill levels (which includes me. I’m an amateur at identifying birds). Read more about how you can turn your eyes and ears to the sky by checking out  “Two nations count their birds.

Photo: Roseate Spoonbill wading in marsh near Aransas Bay in Fulton on the Coastal Bend of Texas. (Julianne Crane)

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