RVer Jimmy Smith’s trial by water


In his latest posting on ‘Another View,’ RVer Jimmy Smith writes about a dream he had of “water, a cascade of water.”

Then he writes: “I flew out of the bed to behold a free flowing watercourse cascading out of our toilet. I gasped and instinctively stepped on the flush pedal. Bad mistake. A gout of tainted fluids erupted from the bowels of our little ship. ‘Bowels’ being an apt description of this unfortunate eruption.”

Read all of Jimmy Smith’s post by clicking on Jimmy Smith’s Another View.

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  • Hi Jimmy and Julianne

    Enjoying your blog. Jimmy, you need to write more. I,m not sure if you get updates from here but wanted to let you know John Loyd fell from a ladder and broke a knee cap. He is home and scheduled for surgery next week. Hope you are enjoying your travels. We are still thinking about going to Quartsite mid Jan. We’ll be reading you.

    Dennis and Elaine

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