Longtime solo RVer, Canadian author Joei Carlton Hossack winters in Arizona


Canadian Joei Carlton Hossack (left in picture) and I (right) have been crossing paths for almost eight years.

When we first met in 2005, she was a full-time RVer and I was writing about the RV lifestyle for The Spokesman-Review in Spokane, Wash.  She was in town promoting her travel memoirs. (To date, she’s written seven non-fiction books published by Skeena Press.)

We talked back then about her living 24/7 in her 10-foot Elkhorn camper, on top of her ¾-ton F-250 Ford diesel truck.

“Full-time RVing is a lifestyle, not a race around America,” she said. “More importantly, full-time RVing is not a lifestyle for everyone. If you are not enjoying it find another way of life that will bring you pleasure. The one thing I have learned in my 61 years is that whether you are happy or not, the years go by very quickly and if you cannot find your niche then create it.”

These days Joei’s home base is Surrey, British Columbia. During the winters she still travels to the desert Southwest “where it’s warm.”

To read more about Joei click on a recent item I wrote about her on WomenRVers.blogspot.com

Photo: Joei Carlton Hossack (left) and Julianne G. Crane in Kelowna, British Columbia, where both were presenters at the RV Owners Lifestyle Seminars in 2011. (Jimmy Smith)

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