RVer creates colorful holiday lights


Last evening, after finishing Thanksgiving dinner, we took a stroll around the Corps of Engineers Eastlake Campground and were attracted by a globe of flashing holiday lights.

Retiree RVer, Wayne from Ft. Wayne, Ind., was sitting in front of his 1990s motorhome creating a colorful hanging Christmas decoration.

Crafted with a string of 150 holiday lights and 50 plastic glasses, all one needs is a hot soldering iron–and a little bit of time.

Wayne has both.

He purchased his class C Catalina Coachmen a number of years back when his wife had Alzheimer’s disease. “It was more convenient and comfortable for her to travel in the motorhome,” he says.

They traveled south each winter for ten years. Now, even though his wife has since passed, Wayne continues to make the journey to Florida where he meets up with other longtime RV friends.

“I’ve made these lights for a couple of years,” says Wayne. “I’ll hang it up and someone will usually offer to buy it. That gives me enough money to buy more supplies and make more.”

Photo: Wayne from Ft. Wayne, Ind. (Julianne G. Crane)

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