Bicycling around COE Fort Peck, nature trails, the Dam

Jimmy Smith bicycling across Fort Peck Dam (Julianne G. Crane)
In 2010 we bicycled to top and three miles across the COE Fort Peck Dam.

In 2010, on our first visit to COE Fort Peck’s Downstream Campground, we bicycled up and across the Dam.

At the Dam’s top, about 250-feet, one can spot the campground (on the left of the photo). The Dam’s Power House, offering frequent tours, is on the right. The body of water in the center of the picture is the Missouri River.

At 21,026 feet in length, three-plus miles, the Dam is the largest embankment dam in the United States. The Corps of Engineer’s structure creates Fort Peck Lake, the fifth largest human-made reservoir in the USA.

In 2019, Jimmy Smith, stops on the Natural Trail to observe white tail deer. (Julianne G Crane)

The Dam and 134-mile long Fort Peck Lake in northeast Montana exist for hydroelectric power generation, flood control and water quality management. The campground exists for fun and recreation.

This year, because of stormy weather, we decided to stick closer to the campground and circumnavigated the area on the park’s newly paved Nature Trails. We frequently spotted white tail and mule deer.

Photos and Text: Julianne G Crane.

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