Popular Southern RV Short Stops spotlight ‘the Blues’ … ‘azaleas’ … ‘classic cycles’

1,600 motorcycles on display at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Alabama
Family RV Short Stops across the South.
Visitors learn all about the blues at the B.B. King Museum & Delta Interpretive Center

RVers traveling the Heart of the South have endless choices of places to pull over, relax and soak in local culture.

Here are just three family RV Short Stops:

The B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center

Located in Indianola, Mississippi, this museum “celebrates the blues – America’s music – and the man who helped spread its popularity around the world.”

“From the cotton fields, street corners and juke joints of the Mississippi Delta came a new kind of music – the blues. Considered by many to be the only truly indigenous American music, this form that has influenced musicians worldwide is deeply rooted in Delta soil. And so is the man who helped spread the blues as its foremost ambassador… Riley B.B. King.”

Families love Callaway Gardens in Georgia.
 Georgia’s Callaway Gardens

Another amazing family destination is Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia. Open year-round, it sits on 14,000-acres, complete with woodlands, lakes and elaborate gardens.

It is especially beautiful during its mid-March to April event: ‘Celebrate Spring! – When Callaway Comes Alive.’ Upwards of 5,000 varieties of native and hybrid azaleas bloom in the 40-acre Callaway Brothers Azalea Bowl – the largest of its type in the world.

“The sweet fragrance of azaleas awakening from their Winter slumber fills the air. Hiking and bicycle trails burst with color. Birds of Prey swoop down to say hello, while cardinals and Carolina wrens sing their cheerful melodies. It’s the perfect setting for family getaways, relaxing weekends, morning walks, and evening magic,” promise the folks at Callaway Gardens.

Vintage Lotus (Barber Museum)
Barber Motorsports Museum

For those in the family that love classic motorcycles and vintage Lotus automobiles, check out the Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, Ala. Each year a quarter million people ogle at more than 900 mint condition motorcycles (out of their “world’s largest” 1,600 vintage collection).

The priceless collection has 113 Harley-Davidsons and includes 200 different manufacturers from 20 countries. The museum features the world’s most extensive collection of Lotus cars, including 55 vintage vehicles. There is also an assortment of rare and celebrated cars.

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