Patagonia Outlet, latte = a bright RV Short Stop in southwest Montana


Sweetwater Coffee in Dillon, Mont., is where locals in a small community go for a good cup of coffee and access to wifi.

Thankfully, we stumbled across it walking to the Patagonia Outlet from where we parked our truck and camper near the railroad tracks.

This is the kind of place you hope to discover when you just drop into a community in the middle of a long day’s journey.  This trendy cafe offers a variety of espresso drinks, teas and coffee, along with a full menu of sandwiches, pasta and salads.

Sweetwater Coffee can be found at 26 East Bannack Street  Dillon, MT 59725; (406) 683-4141

Read more about the Patagonia Outlet in the item I posted on RV Short Stops by clicking here.

Photos: (Top) Jimmy Smith entering Sweetwater Coffee in Dillon, Mont. (Bottom) Close-up of Patagonia T-Shirt. (Julianne G. Crane)

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