Rotel – the extreme in group ‘RVing’


Rotel Adventure Tours in the Sahara, Africa. Rotel Tours - Mt. Robson, Canada

Rotels? It is short for ‘rolling hotels,’ which may be the ultimate in no frill, if-it’s-Tuesday-it-must-be-Kenya world travel,” says a 1975 Time magazine article.

Now, more than three decades later, Rotel Tours, a German travel firm, is still rolling with hundreds of annual trips through scores of countries on six continents.

Rotels have been billed as one of the cheapest ways to travel the world and many tours are booked up months in advance.

While you can’t expect luxuary accommodations, you can be sure the expedition coaches and the people you meet will provide enough stories for a lifetime.

Photos: Rotel Adventure Tours in the Sahara, Africa; Mt. Robson, Canada. Source: Rotel Tours Web site.

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