‘Retire to an RV: The roadmap to affordable retirement’ out in paperback


If one of your dreams has been to retire soon and hit the road 24/7 in a recreation vehicle, consider reading this informative book by RV Lifestyle authors Jaimie Hall Bruzenak and the late Alice Zyetz (d. 2012).

Recently out in paperback, “Retire to an RV: The roadmap to affordable retirement” (Pine Country Publishing, $19.95, 2012)  takes on the huge questions surrounding being able to afford to retire and travel full-time in an RV.

We all know  how money is really tight these days — “Retire to an RV” is an easy-to-understand, comprehensive guide on how to achieve an affordable retirement in these turbulent economic times and still live a rich, full life. The book is packed with real-life experiences of 41 seasoned RVers. It is loaded with practical information, helpful tools and hundreds of resources.

The new print edition is available at online book outlets including RVBookstore.com and RVLifestyleExperts.com. There is also an e-book edition that can be directly downloaded to your computer.

Learn a little more about Jaimie and Alice by clicking on a 2011 article I wrote about the authors on Women RVers.com

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  • It’s good to read that younger folks have discovered the RV lifestyle. However, still the vast majority of RVers I’ve run across are much nearer retirement than just starting out in their careers. This book is aimed at that larger demographic.

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