LA Times’ nostalgic look at Historic ‘Route 66’

June 28, 1977: Under heavy clouds, a car and trailer zip along a stretch of Route 66, converted to Interstate 40, near Sayre, Okla. This photo was published on Page One of the July 24, 1977, Los Angeles Times. (Bill Varie / Los Angeles Times)

It’s been 41 years since Los Angeles Times staff photographer Bill Varie and staff writer Michael Seiler traveled parts of Route 66 for a Los Angeles Times article, according to a post by Scott Harrison on

Seiler started his July 24, 1977, article: “Steinbeck called it ‘the mother road, the road of flight’ and all of us have traveled down it.”

I know my family did. It was in the late 1950s when my parents decided to sell almost everything they owned in Niagara Falls and move the family West for better job opportunities. They bought a 35-foot travel trailer and traveled along much of Route 66 cross-country to the Golden State.

Read excerpts of “When Route 66 was fading away” by clicking here.

Julianne G. Crane

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