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Lucy_JulianneGCraneWhat’s not to love?

We’ve been looking for a pet companion for a long time. And ‘Lucy’ seemed to meet all of our requirements: Female, mature, smallish (sensible size for our 5th wheel) and an eye patch.

She came from a loving home and was friendly when we met. Her owners recently had purchased a new home without a fenced-in yard and were looking for a family who could give Lucy the attention and time this West Highland-Jack Russell terrier mix needed.

We all thought it was a match made in heaven. Jimmy and I decided to go with our hearts and give adoption a try. We also got assurances from the owners that if it was not a good fit, they would take Lucy back. That was 10:30 a.m.

All was perfect, for about 15 minutes, then Lucy threw up on the front seat of our truck. By the time I got that wiped up, she lost her cookies again. When she was about ready to heave the third time, Jimmy pulled over (we were on a quiet country lane) and as soon as he opened the truck door–out she shot moving those stubby little legs as fast as they could go. Jimmy took off after her.

Jimmy picks up the story line from here —

While Julianne was busy mopping up the seat of the truck and I was trying to catch a little dog with no more than 4-inch legs headed down the highway, doubt was beginning to claw its way into my thought process.

I could not help noticing both the dog’s short legs and also the fact that she never actually broke into a run.  It was like she was riding on a well-oiled set of casters and outdistancing me at an alarming rate.

Did I mention the family cried as Julianne and I pledged our loyalty and love as we drove away?

And now this annoying development, possibly ending in a canine suicide, was beginning to temper my enthusiasm to say the least.  Luckily the capture was made, and other than a constant drool down the side of the door, we made it to the home of her new cousin Spike. (Constant pal and traveling companion of our RVing friends Bill and Mary Knowles).

The moment I set Lucy down at Spike’s house, she took off cross-country  and only slowed to greet a farmer a quarter section away.  Serious doubts beset me at this point. Oh, I forget to mention that Lucy peed on our friend Mary’s lap for their meet-and-greet.

I never really thought about the viability of a pet rock before that moment.  Could be something there to explore.

Back into the truck, about 15 miles to our place. We rolled down the windows to let Lucy hang her head outside to get some fresh air. It didn’t quite help–two more deep stomach cleansings later we arrived home.

Moments after stepping down from the truck, the sharp eyed little bugger spotted two deer on the other side of the creek and was ready to give a spirited chase.  Luckily I had her on a hefty leash.  To say she was lunging might be a bit of an over statement but not by much.

I’ll spare you the deep internal examination I was conducting on myself associated with our new family member.  I think it lasted for 30 or 40 seconds.

By 2:30 p.m. we placed a call to Lucy’s family to express our deep regrets; but it just wasn’t a fit. She is a sweetie and we wish her a good home with a fenced yard.

What now? Maybe a cat?

Julianne G Crane and Jimmy Smith

Photo: Lucy, our pet companion for 4 hours. (Julianne G Crane)

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