One last stop at storage unit before lighting out of town on our 2011-12 RV adventure


The final few days before leaving on our extended 2011-2012 RV trip, we stayed in our 5th wheel to test out ‘everything’ — during this process we decided to jettison two of our dinning chairs (took up too much precious space), the easy chair (because I needed room for a desk and office chair), and the quilted bed spread (too heavy and uncomfortable).

All of those items made it into our storage unit, along with everything else that I/we couldn’t live without (photo albums, journals, mother’s childhood doll, winter clothes and Jimmy’s tools). This morning, on our way out of town, it was a last load of wicker baskets, a large skillet and extra cups.

Photo: Jimmy Smith leans back in his easy chair for a last look at all our belongings before pulling down the door. (Julianne Crane)

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  • Tom:
    I know what you mean about the artworks. I’ve “loaned” the vast majority of my two-dimensional collection to a friend who had enough free wall space. She loves it and I know they are in a safe, dry place for the cold winter and wet spring. Win-win. The remainder of my three-dimensional pieces (sculpture, pottery and glass) are triple wrapped and nestled in popcorn over the next few months.

  • Our problem is the art. It is hard to part with the pottery, paintings, sculptures, etc. that find places here ane there throughout the house. Going south is good (mid-December) but coming back to the things we love and can’t take with us seems to be good, too.

  • The few treasures we chose to keep when downsizing in 2009 are coming out of storage now, and I cannot wait to be reunited with them. We have been on the road as full-time house and pet sitters for two years straight and have decided to call Portland, OR home (or rental home at least) for a while. So happy I found you (or you found me) as it seems we have lots in common! Looking forward to keeping up with your adventures. We don’t have an RV (yet!)…I am thinking Paul will come around to the idea soon, though : )

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