Longtime RVer and fitness guru Bob Difley talks about ways to stay physically active while RVing



In a recent item mentioned in the RVTravel.com newsletter, longtime RVer and boondocking expert Bob Difley wrote about opportunities for RVers to keep physically active and in shape while enjoying the RV lifestyle.

“With baby boomers retiring and taking to the highways in search of the “real America,” they dream of snoozing in a camp chair by a babbling brook full of rainbow trout or at the edge of a meadow filled with grazing elk. Kick back, enjoy doing nothing. But then all of a sudden they have 20 extra pounds of softness around the middle. What’s happening?,” writes Difley.

“The RV Lifestyle–and especially boondocking out in America’s open public lands–offers myriad opportunities for physical play, of which I offer here only a small smattering:

“HIKING – Hiking is a wonderful way to see the surrounding area, places you can’t get by vehicle, hidden canyons, following mountain streams, wildlife watching, finding hidden Alpine lakes.

“BIKING – Mountain or road bikes are easy to carry on your motorhome, fiver, or tow/toad. …  With a bike you can cover more area than when hiking–and there are great trails all over the country.

“CANOE/KAYAK – Roof-mounted racks can carry your paddle boat to wherever you go, and paddling will provide access to backwaters, lakes, rivers, bays, and other watery places also not achievable by other means. After more than 25 years of kayaking, I have never turned turtle.”

Bob-DifleyTo read the entire article by the veteran RVer and boondocker on activities that will keep you out of that camp chair and on your feet, while enjoying the RV lifestyle —  Read how to stay physically active by clicking here on RV Quick Tips.

Bob Difley is the author of the Kindle book 111 Ways To Get The Biggest Bang From Your RV Lifestyle Buck.

Julianne G. Crane

Photos: (Top) RVer Jimmy Smith bicycling the Parus Trail in Zion National Park. (Julianne G. Crane).  (Bottom) Bob Difley.

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