Latest numbers on RV sales in Europe


According to figures from the “Caravan Press,” it appears the economic slowdown is hitting RV sales in Europe —

“The last sales period started on September 2007 and ended on August 2008. The total volume was 200,519 vehicles. This is five percent down from the previous period. Caravan sales dropped 7.9 % and totalled 110,519 units. Motorhome sales were down 1.1 % with 89,594 units.

“The caravan sales decreased in every country except Slovenia and Italy. The largest caravan markets in the 2007-2008 season were Great Britain (33,728 units), Germany (19,168), and The Netherlands (13,015). The energy price increase was seen as a major reason for this by European Caravan Federation.

“Motorhome sales increased in Germany (up 3.5 percent, 20,930 units), Netherlands (up 23.8 percent, 1,800 units), Sweden (up 13.9 percent, 3,525 units), and Belgium (up 16 percent, 2,874 units).”

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