Jimmy helps repair RVers’ bicycles at Zion


If campgrounds are small communities, then Jimmy Smith is the neighborhood bicycle repair guy.

The latest episode started when Jimmy challenged a six-year-old to a bike race.

“At first he refused,” said Jimmy, “then he shot out through the brush, darting down every little dirt path he could and I was unable to keep up. Then I heard this howl of victory when he arrived at his family’s campsite.”

When Jimmy pulled up on his bike, he realized that the Dad was up to his elbows in bicycle repairs and Jimmy (who once owned a bicycle shop) asked if he could be of assistance.

Over the next half-hour Jimmy and Dustin Dayley of Hurricane, Utah, straightening wheels, replaced a broken rim strip, repaired a flat and pumped air into the tires of five bicycles.

Julianne G. Crane
Photo: Jimmy Smith (left) works with Dustin Dayley on the family bicycles at Zion National Park. (Julianne G Crane)

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  • Received this e-mail from Ruth Ridolfo of Columbus, Ohio:

    “I have had such fun reading your blogs during your travels. I can’t believe you six months are almost up.

    “Know that you are followed and your thoughts and information is appreciated.

    “Have a great rest of the journey and know I will be reading each episode.”

    Love, Ruth

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