Busy Bryce Canyon National Park, they come from around the world for the amazing Hoodoos, as do we


The day we stood near the edge of Sunset Point in Bryce Canyon National Park, a dozen different languages could be heard saying some version of “Smile.”  This early into the summer tourist season, and the place is packed. Literally thousands of people where vying for positions at the Sunrise and Sunset viewpoints or circling the parking lot. And we were right there with them.

One piece of tourist literature about this magnificent national park states: “Fiery colors and endless vistas give way to spectacular, breathtaking display of a dreamy landscape. Fairy tale castle-like rock formations known as Hoodoos capture your imagination as standing stones rise from the fiery red earth. Infinite variations of color and shape erode into a mysterious amphitheater of what many describe as sacred ground.” Yes and then some.

Photos: (Top) Julianne G. Crane and Jimmy Smith standing on Sunset Point. (Marcel Robicheaux) (Bottom) Bryce Canyon National Park visitors descend on the popular Navajo Loop Trail. (Julianne G. Crane)

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