Jaimie and Alice write again


Jaimie Hall Bruzenak and Alice Zyetz, authors of “The Woman’s Guide to Solo RVing,” (among others) are starting another book and are seeking contributions from RVers.

In a recent e-mail Jaimie said the new book will be called “Choosing the RV lifestyle: Real people, real choices

“We are exploring the RV lifestyle and the decisions people have made about various aspects about RVing and how it compares to the reality. We’ll cover a variety of topics such as affording it, choosing a rig, life on the road and how you spend your time, insurance. We’ll also be discussing changing gears—going full time, getting a homebase, getting off the road, not traveling as much,” said Jaimie.

“We are looking for short (250 words or so) pieces on one or more of the suggested topics. Due date is October 31, 2008.”

They will credit individual contributions unless writers prefer they not do so. “In the author’s bios you can mention your website or blog or published works, if applicable. Each contributor whose input is used will receive a copy of the book. We will also give a small payment after publication and some sales.”

If you would be willing to share your knowledge, click on Guidelines to download a pdf file with more information.

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