National Trails Day … let’s make it every day


Each year, on the first Saturday of June, “American Hiking Society and the trails community invite Americans of all ages and abilities to find their own adventure and discover their unique story at one of the thousands of events hosted throughout the country.

“National Trails Day, Saturday, June 3, is the only nationally coordinated event designed to unite all muscle-powered trail activities with the goal of connecting more people to trails. Every trail beckons adventure and has a story to share with any person willing to discover it.

“By coordinating a wide array of trail activities on a single day, National Trails Day attracts new trail users and helps connect existing trail enthusiasts with local clubs and organizations with the hopes of creating trail advocates and stewards. The task to protect and maintain more than 200,000 miles of trails in the U.S. requires a collaborative effort among trail clubs, organizations, government agencies, and most importantly passionate trail advocates and stewards.”

American Hiking Society

As conscientious RVers and public lands users, it is imperative for us to be good stewards of our favorite trails, this Saturday… and everyday after that. I love hiking, walking and biking all the public trails I can.  It is a wonderful, inexpensive way to experience nature.

Julianne G. Crane


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