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The weekly on-line RV Travel newsletter features a variety of information for RV users including an intriguing item on “Using the sun to power your RV — If RVing is your thing, portable RV solar modules are worth taking a look at. With high fuel prices, you need to save money wherever you can.” Learn more.

bears-teton_npThere’s another article by RV expert Mark Polk on “How to inspect your RV for water damage.”

Yet another item reports on “Encounters between bears and humans in National Parks are on the increase. For example, many wildlife watchers erroneously think that because bears don’t appear imminently dangerous that they are tame. So park managers are devising new rules — not for bears but for their watchers.” Read more of Bob Difley’s article by clicking here.

Julianne G. Crane

Photo: Courtesy of RV

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