Full-time solo RVer Margo Armstrong cranks out eBooks, a blog, magazine articles


Full-time solo RVer Margo Armstrong currently has 16 eBooks on Amazon (Kindle), Barnes&Noble (Nook), Apple iBooks and Kobo.

A full-time RVer since 1995 and solo since 2010, she writes extensively for her own blog, Moving On With Margo, and major RV lifestyle publications including Escapees Magazine.

She lives and travels in her 1999 28-foot class A Safari Tek 2830, and has produced six books on the RV lifestyle including The RVing Lifestyle, A Dream Come True and For Women Only, Traveling Solo in Your RV.

“After traveling for many years with a partner in our motorhome I thought switching to traveling solo might be a bit overwhelming,” writes Margo.

“I relied totally on my partner to handle all the motorhome maintenance, so I had to learn some new skills. Guess what, it was an easy transition even for me, a very non-mechanically inclined individual.”

Read more about Margo by clicking on an expanded profile by Julianne G. Crane on Women RVers.com.

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