Folding A-frame trailers, part 4: An exercise in compromise


Aliner-in-SouthWestOn the downside, camping in an A-frame is an exercise in compromise. In comparison to conventional travel trailers of the same length, there is less interior space resulting in less storage and living space.

Only a few models offer a hard-walled shower with flush toilet; and most models truly only sleep two people comfortably.

That said, because an A-frame’s profile is more aerodynamic, it is a lot easier and more fuel efficient to tow. Also, while towing, it is easier to see over most models when looking out the rear window. These nifty fold-down trailers are low enough to easily slide into most standard garages or storage structures.

As for sticker prices, new A-frame camping trailers typically run from $14,000 to $30,000.

A-frames by the numbers
– Length: 12 – 22.1 feet
– Width: 54 – 87 inches
– Height under tow: 57 – 68 inches
– Dry weight: 1,150 – 2,200+ pounds
– GVWR: 1,900  – 3,854+ pounds
– Sleeps: 2 – 4

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Julianne G. Crane

Photo: Easy to tow A-frame pop-up camping trailer is popular for both weekend camping and cross-country vacations. (Courtesy of Aliner).

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