The joy of watching grass grow in January


Sandollar_grassGrowing_JulianneGCrane Why is it that sometimes the simplest things give such great pleasure? Like watching the grass grow.

A little more than two weeks ago Jimmy scattered about 1-1/2 pounds of winter rye grass seed on the little patch of bare ground outside our camper here at the Sandollar RV Park in Rockport, Texas … then the weather turned unseasonably cold and windy.

Each day we inspected our 5-foot by 15-foot plot of sandy dirt … and nothing. Not a blade of grass in sight. I lamented that we did something wrong, but my neighbor, Myron Scott, from Kansas encouraged us to be patient and keep watering.

There was still nothing visible last Wednesday when I left for a five-day visit with my sister in Austin.  Then this past weekend the weather started turning a few degrees warmer each day and by Sunday the sun emerged and so did the grass. Today I am truly amazed to go out and look at an inch of grass where just three weeks ago was sand and rock.

Simple things. Little blessings. Big pleasure.

Photo: Emerging grass (Julianne G. Crane)

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