Bicycling along the Colorado River on Christmas Eve


Jimmy Smith bicycling along Hwy 95 north of Buckskin Mountain State Park, AZ. By Julianne CraneArizona Highway 95 between Parker and Lake Havasu City, for the most part, has a nice wide shoulder for bicycling.

Yesterday we bicycled a couple of miles north from Buckskin Mountain State Park to another state park to check out the boat launch. Today Jimmy is bicycling 12 miles south into Parker to grocery shop for Christmas dinner.

We were invited to a pot luck with three other RVing couples and we’re bringing the salad. Problem is, we don’t have enough greens for eight people; so, instead of breaking camp, Jimmy strapped on a couple of panniers and headed toward the nearest large market, Safeway.

Photo: Jimmy Smith bicycling along Arizona Highway 95 north of Buckskin Mountain State Park. By Julianne Crane.

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  • Dear Ed:
    Thank you for the holiday greetings. We did get out on the Colorado River’s edge to toss in a couple of lines for catfish on both Christmas Eve and today, Christmas.
    As they say, fishing was good, catching was not.
    Merry Christmas back to you and yours.

  • As I sat here waiting for my two beautiful granddaughters to arrive and bring laughter to this condo, I want to say a Merry Christmas to both of you and to let you know I have truly enjoyed reading your reports and articles. Being someone who loves is TC and the ability to go and do so much with it in our travels, I sort of envy you.
    Stay safe and always be happy and excited as you travel,keeps you young.

  • You guys have a great day tomorrow! We’re gonna have a high in the mid-20s tomorrow, so I’ll be thinking about you all down in the warm.

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