RVers love motorsports, Part 4 - 'Donna & Wayne Roberson have a passion for sprint car racing'
One full-time RV couple, Donna and Wayne Roberson of Sutherlin, Ore., worked summer jobs at an amusement park in the middle of Iowa because of their passion for sprint car racing. “We’ve been racing fans since we were kids,” said Donna Roberson. Back in the ‘
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RVers love motorsports, Part 3 - 'Work camping, volunteering at the races'
Each year thousands of RVers follow their favorite motorsport from track to track. Many simply enjoy the races, others volunteer and some help finance their RV lifstyle by working the events. RVers have a myriad of options when it comes to jobs in motorsports, acc
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RVers love motorsports, Part 2 - Alva & Beverly Patterson of Kentucky are longtime ‘Bristol’ fans
Longtime NASCAR fans Alva and Beverly Patterson of Bimble, Ky., will be camping at Bristol Motor Speedway  for the NASCAR Food City 500 (April 15-17, 2016). “My family goes to Bristol every year,” said RVer Alva Patterson. He and his wife, Beverly, plan to a
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RVers love motorsports, Part 1 - And, many 'motorsports tracks cater to the RV community'
Americans love their motorsports. And, to make that romance complete, many take their own beds along to the races. Outfitted with sleeping areas, kitchen and bath room, a Recreation Vehicle is the perfect accommodation for long weekends at NASCAR, sprint car and motocr
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When searching for Bluebonnets in Texas Hill Country, stop by LBJ Ranch, stay at Lady Bird RV Campground
Amazingly beautiful Bluebonnets will be blanketing Texas this Spring. And, according to 'When do Bluebonnets Bloom?,' "Bluebonnets typically bloom between mid-March to mid-April” And, "Bluebonnets typically bloom in the south first and later in the north." I have
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Pioneer photographer  Evelyn J. Cameron’s gallery -- a fascinating RV Short Stop in eastern Montana
In honor of National Women’s History Month,  I want to highlight Evelyn Jephson Cameron, an amazing woman--one of the thousands of brave and sturdy women who immigrated from Europe in the closing years of the 19th century to help ‘homestead’ the West. It
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RV Snowbirds leave their creative mark in Tucson, Ariz.
An item published recently in the Arizona Daily Star features the creative work of more than 90 RVing snowbirds. Knowing that a group of ‘retired’ RVers have time on their hands and pent-up creativity, the group learned how to make and lay tile for a 40-foot mur
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ArtStream Nomadic Gallery 'On the Road Again'
In 2001, potter Alleghany Meadows remodeled a 30-foot 1967 Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht into a traveling exhibition space called the Art-Stream featuring his work and the work of fellow artists. Now, a decade-and-half later, the Art-Stream’s 15th Anniversa
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RVers watch for stormy days, flooding across much of mid-America through weekend
RVers across Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and much of the South are hunkering down today. High winds and severe thunderstorms are sweeping from the Gulf Coast north to Canadian Boarder. Flash flood and tornado warnings are posted across the mid-section of the country
RV shows from Montana to Quebec City, 3/17-4/3
RV shows this week range across North America, from Billings, Mont. to Quebec City, QC Canada. Flint Camper & RV Show March 17-20 Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center Flint, MI Quebec City RV Show March 17–20 ExpoCité, Centre de foires Quebec City,
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