Ran into an RVer friend from Ohio working the fire information center in Joseph, Oregon
We arrived in smokey Joseph, Oregon, mid-afternoon on Saturday, just in time for the local farmers market. While Jimmy was shopping for fresh produce, I noticed a woman posting fire information notices on a bulletin board outside the Visitor Information Office. Talk
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Update on Quartzsite, Part 3 -- 'Boondocking and gathering of friends' including Escapees RV Club
(This is the last of three "Updates on Quartzsite 2014.") Hundreds of thousands of RV boondockers camp on BLM (Bureau of Land Management)  near Quartzsite, Ariz. each winter. Boondocking, a term synonymous with dry camping, is when RVers live off what they carr
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Liz and Jack Pearce welcome strangers at Escapee's Lone Star Corral RV Park near Hondo, Texas
On a recent circle trip around central Texas, we stopped over for a visit at the Escapee's Alamo Area Co-op Lone Star Corral RV Park near Hondo, about 45 miles west of San Antonio. This was our first visit to the park and Jimmy was hoping for a game of eight ball.
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Old friends everywhere in Escapees RV lifestyle
After leaving the Pineknot Molded Fiberglass RV Gathering, in Crocket, Texas, we headed southeast toward Rainbow's End RV Park -- the headquarters of The Escapee RV Club. The club was founded on July 4, 1978, by Joe and Kay Peterson to help people enjoy full-time RVi
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Full-time solo RVer Margo Armstrong cranks out eBooks, a blog, magazine articles
Full-time solo RVer Margo Armstrong currently has 16 eBooks on Amazon (Kindle), Barnes&Noble (Nook), Apple iBooks and Kobo. A full-time RVer since 1995 and solo since 2010, she writes extensively for her own blog, Moving On With Margo, and major RV lifestyle
'Elegant RVers' Margaret McNevin and Dave Danielsen
Margaret McNevin and Dave Danielsen lived just three sites up from us when we were members for a year at the SKP Park of the Sierras south of Yosemite National Park. We first noticed them, however, before we became members. It was back in the fall of 2011 when we wer
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RV Clubs, Part 4: Escapees RV Club = friendly, full-time RVer services
Known as the premier organization for RVers who live full-time on the road, the Escapees RV Club also serves “part-timers” and “some-timers.” There are currently more than 32,000 active member. Extended-time RVers Barbara Summer and Ron Tyrrell of Forest Grov
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RV Clubs, Part 1: Wandering Individuals Network = active solos
Looking for more information about recreation vehicles and the RV life? There are hundreds of clubs and organizations geared up to help. Whatever your lifestyle, special interest, location, or type of rig, there is a group or two … or dozen, out there waiting for y
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Woman RVer Kate Bright converts cargo van into her own custom rig
Born in Maine, Kate Bright currently travels around the country camping on remote public lands in the 20-foot 2012 Ford e250 cargo van she recently converted into a fully functioning recreation vehicle. The retired teacher, mother and grandmother said she took on the
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RVer Jimmy Smith reflects on change
In his most recent post on "Another View," RVer Jimmy Smith wonders about what waits beyond the bend in the road. "Sometimes change comes imperceptibly, like the graying of hair or the coming of a new day.  Sometimes change sweeps across the landscape almost taking
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