End to free overnight parking at Wal-Mart?
Recent posts on two leading RV online sites bring attention to how the actions of a handful of malcontents can potentially take away a huge convenience for thousands of law-abiding RVers. It seems that on March 24, writes Russ De Maris on the RV Pavement Camping blog
Two weeks in Yuma, new RV friends Pat & Nancy
After our month along the Texas Coastal Bend, we pointed our truck and Northern Lite camper west ... eventually stopping for two weeks in Yuma at the Escapee RV Club's Kofa Ko-op RV Park. Across the lane from us, we noticed a 2013 30-foot Arctic Fox travel trailer wi
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Update: Vivian Grybko, a solo RV WINer
Two years ago, about this time, Vivian Grybko, a shy but independent woman, crossed my path at the Escapees' RoVer's Roost SKP Co-Op RV Retreat in Casa Grande, Arizona. We became fast friends over a brilliant sunset and a cup of coffee the next morning in her 1999 24
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Woodworkers Richard and Donna Shrauger travel south from cold Colorado to winter in sunny Yuma
Full-time RVers Richard and Donna Shrauger were born, and spent their early years, in a small rural town in New York State. Then, a decade or so ago, they moved to Colorado. On a whim, they ended up in Yuma  after deciding they wanted to avoid the Rocky Mountain wi
Stopped by Escapee Kofa Ko-op RV park in Yuma for laundry, shower and pool (swimming & billiards)
After several days dry camping at the  Hot Spring Long Term Visitor Area that sits on Bureau of Land Management desert land about 50 miles west of Yuma, we were in need of a good shower and laundry. We headed for Yuma, Ariz., and the Kofa Ko-op RV Retreat, an Escap
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Timber Valley SKP (Escapee) RV Park offers 'pay for 2 nights, get 3rd free' to first time visitors
Timber Valley SKP (Escapee) RV Park of Oregon invites all first time visitors to "come sample life in a true co-op park" with a special offer where you can pay for two nights and the 3rd night is free; or pay for four nights and the 5th and 6th nights are free. RVers
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Ran into an RVer friend from Ohio working the fire information center in Joseph, Oregon
We arrived in smokey Joseph, Oregon, mid-afternoon on Saturday, just in time for the local farmers market. While Jimmy was shopping for fresh produce, I noticed a woman posting fire information notices on a bulletin board outside the Visitor Information Office. Talk
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Update on Quartzsite, Part 3 -- 'Boondocking and gathering of friends' including Escapees RV Club
(This is the last of three "Updates on Quartzsite 2014.") Hundreds of thousands of RV boondockers camp on BLM (Bureau of Land Management)  near Quartzsite, Ariz. each winter. Boondocking, a term synonymous with dry camping, is when RVers live off what they carr
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Liz and Jack Pearce welcome strangers at Escapee's Lone Star Corral RV Park near Hondo, Texas
On a recent circle trip around central Texas, we stopped over for a visit at the Escapee's Alamo Area Co-op Lone Star Corral RV Park near Hondo, about 45 miles west of San Antonio. This was our first visit to the park and Jimmy was hoping for a game of eight ball.
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Old friends everywhere in Escapees RV lifestyle
After leaving the Pineknot Molded Fiberglass RV Gathering, in Crocket, Texas, we headed southeast toward Rainbow's End RV Park -- the headquarters of The Escapees RV Club. The club was founded on July 4, 1978, by Joe and Kay Peterson to help people enjoy full-time RV
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