‘Why (USA) RV makers are failing’


RVTravel.com’s editor Chuck Woodbury hits the bull’s eye when he writes about why many USA RV manufacturers are going belly up.

In this week’s RVTravel.com newsletter Woodbury points out the obvious — that many recreational vehicle makers have missed the mark when it comes to what the vast majority of today’s RVers want — fuel-efficient, smaller rigs — not heavy, luxury gas/diesel guzzlers.

A case in point is Oregon-based Country Coach’s recently debuted over-the-top Veranda motorhome, complete with balcony (pictured here). Charming, maybe — but certainly not practical or even appropriate in these economic times.  (Besides, what RVers in their right minds would park that close to moving water on wet, boggy ground?)

Read more of Woodbury’s article by clicking here.

Photo: RVTravel.com

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