Wet, wet, wet along Hwy. 101 through the majestic California Redwoods


The rain and snow storm systems that have been hammering the West Coast the last couple of days have dumped several inches of moisture along Hwy 101 that winds through the California Redwoods.

When one is able to enjoy the scenery, the Redwood Highway Scenic Drive, “parallels the rugged Pacific coast, passing redwood groves and the wave-carved shoreline of beaches, cliffs and sea stacks.”

Must stops are the Redwood National and State Parks … however, we found a couple closed yesterday when we were searching for a place to camp.

We ended up at the private, family-run “Giant Redwoods RV Camp” in Myers Flat that sits on the South Fork of the Eel River. Jimmy just checked the River and says, “It has probably come in 20-feet from where I placed a marker last night. Overall I’d guess it’s risen about 4-5-feet.”

The price here was $34/electricity, water, hot showers … state parks are $35/’dry’ camping.

BTW if venturing this way, be sure to check the latest flood and wind advisories.

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Photo: Camping site at Giant Redwoods RV Camp about 200 feet from rising South Folk of Eel River. By Julianne Crane. Bottom: Muddy Eel River. By Jimmy Smith.

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  • Just learned of that campground recently. It has Wi-Fi too, doesn’t it.

    Sounds like we almost crossed paths. I was in that forest area about the same date. It was glorious, even if partially raining. Got some nice pics of reflections at Women’s Federation Grove from ponds that formed.

    I stayed up at Emerald Forest, a private campground in Trinidad.

    Cheers ~ MDV

  • We’ve made several new Canadian friends on this extended trip and they are all talking about the upcoming Winter Olympics in Whistler.
    Thanks for letting us know there are still RV spots at Whistler RV Park.
    Good luck and have fun.

  • Juliane,

    That is a lot of water you are getting down south. Up in Whistler Canada it’s just cold enough that we are mostly getting snow. If you want to flee the rain and have a set of ski poles and can camp at Whistler RV Park and have a fabulous time enjoying the new snow and perhaps the Olympics.

    Enjoy your trip,

    J. McCartney

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