Update on bicyclists who pedaled across USA


When first we met Chris Wilson, Tom Wilson and Josh Autrey, (pictured here) they we ‘resting up’ in Glacier National Park, before biking up the Going-to-the-Sun Road. (Click here to read that post.)

That was in late June. Now, two months after their successful crossing of the United States (Oregon to Florida), Tom Wilson writes in an e-mail:

“What a wonderful trip we had. …

“We traversed many beautiful locations on the trip. Some highlights are the Columbia River Gorge, Washington wine country, Washington endless wheat fields (with my gluten/wheat issue they were quite a site), Glacier Park (wow!), Yellowstone Park, the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, family in Minnesota, the Mississippi River for a few hundred miles, Abraham Lincoln’s home, friends in Atlanta (Buck & Danette) and eventually a ‘Welcome to Florida’ sign (yeah!).

“In total Christopher and I pedaled 3,815 miles. Josh pedaled 2,000 miles from our start to Casper, Wyoming.

“So many people were friendly and interested in our trip along the way. …

“Once you get out in the world away from the day to day stresses we all face you find there are lots of wonderful people in the world. …

“No bad accidents happened to us. We had upteen flat tires, had to replace bicycle rims because they were cracking and had things like bike racks breaking etc, etc. But we made it through and are different people because of it. It feels great to have accomplished this, in my case a second time and doing it with Christopher making it so special. …

“Josh is away at Florida State and Christopher is away and busy at University of Delaware. We both have said how often we think back on the trip already and would do it again. We’re each about 20+ pounds lighter. I think we have a renewed, or new found in some cases, appreciation for life and the beauty of the United States of America.”

As an additional incentive, the trio gather pledges along the way for American Cancer Society. Pictures can be found linked off the Web page www.antigravitypolevaultclub.com.

Photo: Chris Wilson, Tom Wilson and Josh Autrey, standing in front of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park 6/27/2008. By Julianne Crane.

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