Up goes the new RV awning, with the help of seven great SKP neighbors


This past January, after a long night of rain and questionable judgement, we experience a catastrophic awning failure. (See left) For details click here




What followed were two months of talking with fellow RVers about their awning experiences; watching dozens of  YouTube how-to videos, scavenging several parts from other wrecked awnings; researching costs of fabric from local RV shops and online suppliers: purchasing a new part or two; and ordering the awning fabric.


After a month-long trip to the southwest in search of warm sun and hot springs, we returned to the SKP Park of the Sierras in time for dry days and spring weather.

Finally all the stars were in alignment and this past week, seven great neighbors made their way to our site and within an hour the new awning was installed and rolling up and out.

To celebrate we broke out the brew, to thank The Awning Crew – (from left) Bruce “Mac” MaCall, Larry Schoonover, Butch Bradsher (red shirt), Jimmy Smith (front), Ken Kimpton (behind ladder), Larry Gruszie (shades), John Lloyd, and Jim Glasgow.

Photos by Julianne G. Crane

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