RVer Jimmy Smith reflects on conversations, love of dogs, and listening to the prairie grasses


On a quiet stroll through Keyhole State Park in northeast Wyoming, RVer Jimmy Smith reflects on recent conversations in campgrounds along the road.

“I’ve just been out walking over and through the countryside on the east side of the big mountains, the Rockies.  Here I hear the whisper in the prairie grasses and the moan of the wind through the junipers. It gives me pause to think and reflect on the conversations I’ve been having along the trail, or the road.  Everyone is concerned.  We all are concerned for the nation. In our last encampment in the Bighorn Mountains we had two great visits with people.”

To read more about those conversations and the whispering prairie grasses, click on “Jimmy Smith’s Another View.”

Photo: RVer Chad Courtright’s border collie, Peri. checking out a squirrel. (Julianne G. Crane)

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