Truck campers, Part 2: Popular with young families


Truck campers are also popular with young families, like the Bain Family of Colbert, Wash. ( They purchased their 2010 ALP Adventurer 810ws because of its amenities. For their truck they selected a 1999 Chevy 3500 dually with a 12-foot flatbed.

“A big thing I like is the interior height,” said Rich Bain. “I am 6-foot-4, so that’s a big deal to me.”

“We wanted to use a flatbed so we could store all our camping goodies in the sides,” said Bain, a member of North American Truck Camper Owners Association. “We also liked the longer bed so that there is a small porch out of the back of the camper.”

“Don’t think that just because it’s a truck camper that you have to give up a lot. In fact you gain more. The ability to go almost anywhere is such a big advantage,” said Bain.    One of the family’s favorite winter destinations is snow skiing in North Idaho. “We parked right next to a ski run and really did ski in and ski out,” said Bain.

Manufacturers offer a range of floor plans that maximize living area. Many models also have slide-outs, which move the RV wall outward up to three feet to create larger living areas.

“Actually go inside a camper and look around,” suggested Bain. “Don’t just judge them by a quick look outside. You would be amazed at how much living space there is in a truck camper.”

Julianne G. Crane

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Next, in Part 3, we learn how RVers who love boondocking prefer truck campers.

Photos: (Click on images to enlarge) Rich, Joanne and Cody Bain of Colbert, Wash., use their 2010 8.10-foot Adventurer truck camper for skiing trips to Schweitzer Mountain in Idaho. (Courtesy of Rich Bain).

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