Towing Porta-Bote by bicycle to water


When given a challenge–come up with a creative solution.

Jimmy Smith towing Porta Boat to boat launch site from campground. By Julianne CraneWe purchased a 10-foot Porta-Bote a couple of weeks ago and wanted to launch it in Lake Alamo … however the boat ramp was about 1/4-mile from our campsite.

Instead of breaking camp to tow the light-weight boat to the ramp, Jimmy attached it with a rope to the rear rack of his bicycle.

Jimmy Smith towing 10-foot Porta Boat to Lake Alamo, Ariz. By Julianne CraneNeedless to say, he got a lot of smiles and a few hoots from other campers. In fact several followed us down to the ramp to see if he could make it without the boat flying off.

He successfully made the journey and launched the Porta-Bote without any further complications.

We fished in it each of the four days we were at Lake Alamo State Park, about 40 miles north of Welden, AZ.

Jimmy caught several bass; I practiced fly casting. Other campers reported catching channel cat fish by the full moon and crappie by trolling.

Photos: Jimmy towing Porta-Bote to boat launch at Lake Alamo State Park. Our white Lance camper can be seen in the background of top photograph. By Julianne Crane.

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  • So glad the ramp wasn’t that steep … not so sure the boat could have resisted giving Jimmy a good “nudge” into the lake??
    … Great to catch-up with you two … and Happy New Year!!

  • It was a real treat seeing Jimmy ride that boat down to the launch ramp. Great fun!! Thanks for being a wonderful campground neighbor. I guess he really caught some fish then.


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