Three Rivers Campground (NM) with panoramic views of White Mountain Wilderness, Tulrosa Basin


Facing east toward the snow-capped mountains on the White Mountain Wilderness area

We spent one chilly night (24-degrees at 4 a.m.) at the Three Rivers Campground on the Lincoln National Forest at the foot of snow-capped mountains of the White Mountain Wilderness.

At 6,400-feet, this all-year campground is also notable for the spectacular sunsets and vistas of the San Andres Mountains and the Tularosa Basin.

We arrived at Three Rivers by traveling along US 54 travel about 24 miles south of Carrizozo, NM, (18 miles north of Tularosa) then turned east on FR 579, following signs to “Three Rivers Petroglyphic Site and Campground.

About five miles along this road is the Three Rivers Petroglyph site and corresponding  Bureau of Land Management campground. We pushed on another 7.5 miles on paved, then gravel road that dead-ends in the forest service Three Rivers campground.

There are 12 RV/tent fairly level gravel sites.  A great boondocking location. Vaulted toilets, drinking water, campfire grills, tables and a fantastic camp host.

Photo top: Camper sits in campsite # 7, facing east toward the snow-capped mountains of the White Mountain Wilderness. Bottom: Looking west toward the San Andres Mountains and the Tularosa basin. Campground host lives here year-round. By Julianne Crane

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  • Thanks Tom: That country is spectacular … and the drive over the Sacramento Mountains along US 82 was a delightful surprise … believe it will be the last time we see high mountain pines for a long time. Julianne

  • Gracious me, you’re right in the middle of really familiar territory in Tres Rivas Campground! At least that’s what it used to be called, um, thirty years ago, when I lived in Alamogordo (and flew out of Holloman AFB). I remember starting a trail ride from there going up the mountain to the east toward Sierra Blanca way back then. The Tularosa Basin is, or course, west of there. … . That is a fascinating area, did you know that the original Smokey tht Bear came from that area? And that is Billy the Kid country, he was finally killed in Fort Sumner, NM, to the NE.

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