Sweet mini-motorhome conversion


VWVanConversion_FredWTrumanJust had to smile when I ran across this sweet mini VW RV-conversion on Neatorama.com by John Farrier.

“In the 60s and 70s, various recreational vehicle manufacturers mounted small motorhomes on the Volkswagen Beetle chassis. It was called the ‘Bugaroo’ or ‘Beetle Minihome'” writes Farrier.

I fondly remember my gently used yellow 60s VW bug. It could barely transport two college kids and a bag of groceries without lugging down. This “125 inches long, 79 inches wide and 73.25 inches high” rig would definitely be fun at the beach with a couple surfboards on top. Love the ingenuity.

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— Julianne G. Crane

Photo: VW ‘Bugaroo’. Source: Neatorama.com. Photo by Fred W. Truman.

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