‘New’ (to us) 2005 10.2-foot Northern Lite Classic truck camper … yippee


This past week, Jimmy and I drove from Spokane in eastern Washington, down to the central Oregon coastal town of Winchester Bay, to pick up our “new” 2005 10.2-foot Northern Lite Classic truck camper.

After a year of interest, and three solid months of a ‘system-wide’ national search on Craigslist for a Northern Lite fiberglass camper, Jimmy found what appeared to be the “perfect” unit about 575 miles away on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

After several e-mails, lengthy telephone conversations and further delicate negotiations, owners Dan Chapman and Becky Palmer pledged to hold the Northern Lite until we could arrive, cash in hand, about two weeks later.

The reason for our delay in departure was because we were selling our S & S camper (to a great young family) and finalizing plans for our six-week summer RV meander of the West including the National Parks in Utah

We made it to Winchester Bay last Friday, everything went smoothly, Becky and Dan are great people (by the way, Becky and Dan, please send us your e-mail, I forgot to write it down).

We are now off on our non-lineal RV tour along two-lane backroads in our sweet light-weight, fiberglass recreation vehicle. We’ll keep you up-to-date on the incredible people we meet and places we stumble into.

Photos: (Top) Former Northern Lite owners Becky Palmer and Dan Chapman with their Titanium 5th wheel trailer in the background. (Bottom) The first night camping. (Julianne G. Crane)

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