Catching up with longtime friends, RVers Diana and Jim Garot of southern California


In the last dozen years, my/our paths have crossed 7, 8, or 9 times with longtime (50+ years) friends Diana and Jim Garot — all made possible because of a recreation vehicle.

Diana and I have been gal pals since the 8th grade. After high school, college, marriages, multiple moves around the country, and life in general, we were able to reconnect face-to-face because of Jim and Diana’s 38-foot home on wheel.

The Garots retired early and back in 2001 they purchased their 1998 Holiday Rambler Endeavor class A motor home so that they could take extended trips around the country visiting family and friends.

Sometime around 2005, they made their way along I-90 to Spokane, Wash., where I was living and working at the Spokesman Review newspaper. On that trip, they were on one of their multi-thousand-mile RV circle journeys from Southern California to North Dakota to the Midwest (and other points East).

Since then, I met Jimmy and we hit the road pretty much full-time in 2009.

Currently we have a homebase in southern Oregon and the Garots live in a 55+ community in Oceanside, Calif. Thank goodness, however, they still have their trusty 1998 Endeavor because recently they  stopped by to visit. We had three days of conversations, good food, laughter and a tear or two before they pulled out, heading for the Oregon Coast.

Read more about Diana and Jim’s past visits by clicking here

Text and photos by Julianne G. Crane

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